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A building owner or executive that is responsible for the Plant, Building, Structure, and Site complex and Property on a New or Renovation/Restoration Project knows that the challenges are enormous.

CAI’s Construction Maintenance Services can help you smooth the building construction process in your project and to stay on target. IE; for immediate and long term maintenance vs. ROI (return on investment). At CAI Restoration Services, we care about your budget goals. We care about your project quality. We care about your project schedules and overall project vision and your project success.

We can do all of this economically with our cost-saving creative (out of the box) thinking, utilizing available 2-D & 3-D CAD Rendering Design Drawings, Pictometry, and Pre-Engineered Building Component Systems along with our VAE (Value-Added Engineering) collaborated with our leading materials and product Manufactures, Project Service.

CAI’s In-Plant Construction Services can handle all of your Building upgrades and Renovation Projects. CAI’s AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts) can do the In-Plant Maintenance Services without the associated overhead and required support staff from your company employees. CAI’s AMC Services can help you to keep your plant running smoothly with fewer breakdowns and associated downtime.

We can help you in solving the most difficult technical problems. Over the years, CAI has been confronted with and solved many technical construction issues and challenges with IE: Building Envelope Systems, Masonry & Concrete Work. To arrange a Free Survey, Initial Consultation/Cost Estimation. (800) 622-1314, or Go to Free Estimate.
How to restore the exteriors of commercial/industrial buildings.

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CAI Restoration Services is an environmentally responsible company

offering unique and specialized services targeted towards the renovation, reconstruction, restoration and specialized maintenance of:

Commercial & Retail Buildings

Manufacturing and Industrial Buildings

Warehousing / Distribution Facilities

Office and High-Density Residential Buildings

Multi-Level Parking Structures

Institutional and Utility Buildings