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Exterior Masonry Restoration & Rehabilitation of Cleveland Plaza - Cranford, New Jersey

Exterior Masonry Restoration & Rehabilitation of Cleveland Plaza - Cranford, New Jersey

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The Rehabilitation & Restoration of Cleveland Plaza with Limestone Joint Treatment

The Cleveland Plaza Project also consisted of restoring the Limestone panels, window headers and sills, quoin corners, coping stones and water table panels.

The joints were routed out with diamond cutting blades, the joint surfaces are prepared & then re-cleaned prior to application of new sealant, then the follow up to receive an urethane joint sealant pumped in and tooled smooth to make the joint(s) a water tight seal between the limestone panels and the brick masonry and or limestone panel to panel joints ready for final finish of the surface architectural treatment.

This process was repeated for the plaza level concrete to brick masonry joints, concrete to concrete joints, and stucco to stucco joints, and stucco to brick masonry joints, for the office building, as well for the shopping center building.

The Rehabilitation & Restoration of Cleveland, Plaza Stucco Facade Surfaces

This video depicts the application of a high performance architectural coating system to the existing stucco facade. The architectural coating system is being applied by CAI’s virtually a nonstop application method system. This was accomplished due to CAI’s specialized equipment which supplies a continuously flowing coating to the equipment wand reaching the operators handle.(no dipping into pans or buckets) This application system assures an even coating distribution which equals a better appearance finish, with less overlap ghosting and or shadowing. (All the stucco surfaces were previously prepared and repairs made to the stucco surfaces facade inspected and approved by the project managers prior to the application.) The application of the base primers are also applied utilizing a similar method. This method also assures the application meets the manufactures stringent mill coating requirements for the wet and dry mill coating thicknesses, textures, finish and quality control specifications. This is all required to meet manufactures warranty requirements prior to their issuance of the 10 year warranty for the project.

The Cleveland Plaza Building Rehabilitation / Restoration Project was a unique project because it was a very old building dating back to 1914. It was originally built as a high school for the Township of Cranford, NJ, until the high school out grew the building. Then in 1937 A new building was built and the high school moved to the new building. Later it was also used as an elementary school until it no longer suitable for a school. Then in the 1980’s the building was bought by Cleveland Plaza Associates. It was then renovated and converted into an office with a retail shopping center complex. The School Building sits in north side of Cranford, New Jersey for almost 100 years. Now newly restored, being an icon for the township, located two blocks from the train station approx. 1 mile west of the Garden State Parkway, exit 137 in Northern New Jersey.

In 2008 CAI was called on to rehabilitate and restore the exterior masonry and stucco facades, limestone panels, corner quoins, coping , sill stones and concrete plaza areas of the original school and retail strip buildings. The scope of work included treatment of exterior brick masonry walls, stucco, joint and crack treatment for the expansion & control joints, stucco facades, concrete plaza areas, ramps and walkways around the retail shopping center.

The work also included the building cleaning with high pressure water to remove air born contaminants, carbon, dirt and stains, surface preparation of the brick masonry, stucco and concrete surfaces, brick tuck pointing, stucco repairs with Sto Hardcoat stucco mix, architectural coating system, Sikaguard 550 W High performance coating system, concrete repair with Sikarepair SHA high strength modified mortars. Joint repairs with Sonneborn NP1 soft joint urethane sealant and brick masonry weatherproofing Sikaguard 501 W transparent weatherproofing system. Value added engineering (VAE) for the design, fabricate, Installation of the rain drip retaining system to eliminate/ minimize water staining to stucco façade and soffit surfaces. Replace exterior doors and lentils, concrete ramps, slabs, walkways, curbs, stair repairs and refinish the site lighting poles.

In summation, the following CAI services applied to Cleveland Plaza Project:

BER&R (Building Envelope Rehabilitation & Restoration) Services sm (for Better Building Operation, Safety and Comfort, of the Employees & Occupants)

HPPM (High Performance /Protection Membranes) Services sm ( for Minimizing Excess Moisture Mold & Keeping a Dryer & Safer Building Interior)

EWR&R (Exterior Wall Rehabilitation & Restoration) Services sm (for a more Aesthetically Appealing Facade Exterior)

MCSR&R (Masonry, Concrete & Stone Rehabilitation & Restoration) Services sm (for Minimizing Water Seepage & Maintaining Structural Integrity and Appealing Facade Exterior)

Cleveland Plaza Rehabilitation / Restoration Project Specifications

Project Summary

Architectural Rehabilitation/Restoration of Office/Medical/Shopping Center Buildings, for the Cleveland Plaza Associates Project Specifications

Product Description

CAI was contracted to provide restoration services to the envelope system of the Cleveland plaza, in order to rehabilitate it to keep it operational and aesthetically appealing.

Overall Dimensions

School Building 42,000 SF, 70' Tall
Shopping Center, 32,000 SF 1 and 2 story

Tightest Tolerances Met

Met ±1/16"

Restoration Techniques

Selective Demolition:

  • Brick Masonry, Stucco facade,
  • Structural Concrete
  • Lime Stone Panels
  • Coping/Sill Stone

Repair and Restoration:

  • Replacing Cracked Bricks and Joints
  • Tuck Pointing of Defective Joints
  • Structural Concrete
  • Rebar/Steel Wire Reinforcement
  • Inject Super Hi-Strength Repair Concrete
  • Repair Limestone panels & joints
  • Resetting of Limestone Panels
  • Limestone Repaired, Re-Joined
  • Coping Stone

Equipment Used

Custom Designed Breaking System:

  • Pneumatic Demolition Hammers
  • Light enough to be Hand Held
  • Heavy Duty Enough to Break up Existing
  • Vintage Very Hard Thick Masonry Wall System

Custom Fabricated Concrete Breakers & Cutting Edges:

  • 15lbs/25lbs to 35lbs/90lbs in Breaking Weight Force

Pneumatic Diamond Tipped Saws

  • 14" in Size 4" - Deep Cuts
  • 9" in Size 2" - Deep Cuts
  • Hand Held Jack & Chip Hammers
    Wheel Barrows, Buggies Scaffolding
    Portable Rolling Gantry Hoists
    Telescoping Rigging Trolley Beams
    Telescoping personnel boom lifts
    Scissor personnel lifts
    Tailor mounted power washer Unit
    Custom designed coating application pump system

Materials Used

Supraclean Bio degradable eco detergent for cleaning Brick masonry and Stucco surfaces 66,320 SF
Sikaguard 501 W 5 for weather proofing b rick masonry transparent penetrating sealer 33,755 SF
Sikaguard 550 W High performance coating system for Stucco façade and concrete surfaces 32,565 SF
Sonneborn NP1 soft joint urethane sealant Expansion, Control, and Limestone Joints 1,400 LF

  • Limestone Sills 300lbs to 500lbs each
  • Concrete Steel Reinforcements
  • Stainless Steel Anchoring System
  • ASTM A615, Grade 60 Steel Helical Anchor

Quantity of Brick & other Masonry surfaces

Square Footage Restored/Repaired Brick: 300 Sq Ft
Concrete: 2,225 Sq Ft
Limestone: 826 Sq Ft
Stucco Repair, Restore Protect 28,565 Sq. Ft
L.S. Decorative Finish: 3,400 Sq Ft

Inclement Weather
Damage from Demolition & Falling Debris
Protection of all pedestrian, office personnel and traffic in working areas
Protection of Utilities Electrical/Mechanical
Maintain operation of Offices and Shopping Center

Weight of Rubble Removed

50,000lbs (Estimated)

Industry for Use

Medical/Office/ Shopping Center


Cranford, New Jersey

Time of Completion

3 Months

Project Cost

( under) $ 300,000.00

Standards Met

ACI 530.1/ASCE 6

Product Name

Architectural Rehabilitation/Restoration of Office/Medical/Shopping Center Buildings, for the Cleveland Plaza Associates