What You Need to Know About CAI Restoration Services

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About CAI Restoration Services

About CAI Restoration Services

Time is the greatest enemy of man's constructions. Even the most durable of structures suffers from the onset of age and the elements. CAI Restoration Services, a division of Contract Applicators, Inc., is a company designed to help the building owners, property managers, construction managers, and design consultants get the most out of their facilities. We offer unique and specialized services targeted towards renovation and reconstruction (i.e.: restoration and specialized maintenance of manufacturing plants, warehousing buildings, office, and industrial buildings).

This profile outlines our company, its principal members, its history, and a partial list of clients. It gives you a brief review of who and what we are. Our special services and unique products fulfill a wide variety of needs and concerns of today's building owners and managers. This profile is only a brief introduction to CAI and our services. We encourage you to contact our technical consultants to find out more about how we can help you.

CAI is an Eco-friendly Construction and Consulting Services Company to the Building Restoration and Construction Industries. CAI caters to the concerned building owner/manager.

Welcome to the CAI - Enterprises' website, an online service of CAI Restoration Services - Contract Applicators, Inc. CAI is a multifaceted organization offering both Eco-friendly Construction and Consulting Services to the building restoration and construction industries. With CAI’s (GC) general contractor background and specialized direct trades responsibility. We have served in the following industries for decades: Office and Commercial Building, Manufacturing Plants, Chemical Plants, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Food Processing, Water Treatment Plants, Warehousing & Distribution Buildings, Government & Municipal Buildings. We were green building before the term (green) name was invented and CAI has been doing all of this with three generations of experience in the building construction and restoration industries like no one else. Some of the work consists of:

  • Building Envelope Restoration Services,
  • High-performance architectural coatings and membranes,
  • Facades Membrane Systems, & Cool Building Reflective Membrane & Coatings,
  • Masonry, Concrete & Stone Work, Metal Cladding, & Curtain Walls,
  • Cablevision Stabilization Project Stabilization & Durable Cablevision Stabilization Project Systems

Over the years, CAI has been confronted with and solved many technical construction issues & challenges with IE: Building Envelope Systems, Masonry & Concrete Work, Structural Building Work, Cablevision Stabilization Projects issues, Mechanical/Electrical, and Site Work-related issues.

Over CAI‘s history, CAI has been confronted with many technical construction issues and solved them for the building manager and owner at the lowest cost possible vs. construction schedule. IE:

  • Performed selective brick masonry demolition on a 150-foot tall Holland Tunnel Ventilation Buildings with small pneumatic tools without damage to the remaining brick (masonry ready to receive the new walls) and complete the work ahead of schedule.
  • Restored Techint Company’s manufacturing building roofs without costly tear-off of the old built-up roof system at the same time installed a reflective UV stable roof system that contributed to 30% energy savings for the HVAC costs.
  • Saved the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts NY, NY. Saving the center Hundreds of Thousands of dollars by designing an alternative system to cutting out and replacing the cast iron drainage pipes. CAI creative out of the box thinking came up with a method utilizing very high-pressure water blasting system to blast out the limestone deposits that build up & clogged solid in the interior of drainage pipes without cutting any of the pipes going directly through pipe opening by removing the drain heads and clean out plugs instead of cutting out the pipes and replacement method that was being used by Lincoln Center for many years to fix the clogged drainage piping stormwater sewers. The sewer system encompasses many drains and pipes on the entire complex above and below the plaza, above the theatres, rehearsal halls & offices in the occupied spaces, parking garages, and basements. Through CAI’s innovative thinking and utilizing new technology, a Value-Engineering solution was created to solve the long-term problem plaguing the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

CAI is a Direct Prime Contractor with extensive 20+ years’ experience as a General Contractor (GC) which has an extensive technical background in specialized trades. We have direct responsibility with hands-on experience in specialized trades & Project Management. We can help you with solving the most difficult technical problems.

We can do all of this economically with our cost-saving creative (out of the box) thinking utilizing available 2-D & 3-D CAD Rendering Design Drawings, Pre-Engineered Building Component Systems along with our Value Engineering Project Service.

CAI has constructed & or restored many complex, timeline sensitive, and budget restrictive projects. CAI has extensive experience in building construction and. CAI has performed on projects with restrictive Site work, complex Concrete & Masonry work, pre-engineered Structural Steel buildings, and Thermo/Moisture protection for difficult Building Envelope Restoration Projects. CAI has solved and accomplished these tasks with innovative design and thinking with keeping the problem-solving in mind, performing value-engineered solutions, and utilizing the latest technology and highly skilled labor available to complete the value-engineered installation of the particular trade for the project at the lowest costs to the owner. (See Client Recommendation letters)

CAI has three generations of expertise in handling the challenging projects that stymie our competitors. We were “Green” before the Green word was invented we were Eco-Friendly then!

We run the extra mile to ensure the work meets our client’s needs.

CAI Restoration Services is an environmentally responsible company offering unique and specialized services targeted towards the renovation, reconstruction, restoration, and specialized maintenance of:

  • Commercial & Retail Buildings
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Buildings
  • Warehousing/Distribution Facilities
  • Office and High-Density Residential Buildings
  • Multi-Level Parking Structures
  • Institutional and Utility Buildings

How can CAI assist you with your building needs today?

For your next project! Call CAI today! @ (800) 622-1314, or refer to CAI tech support, go to https://cairestoration.com/technical-support-request-quote.html

Some of the work consisting of:

  • BER&R (Building Envelope Rehabilitation & Restoration) Services sm (for Better Building Operation, Safety, and Comfort, of the Employees & Occupants)
  • HPPM (High Performance,/Protection Membranes) Services sm ( for Minimizing Excess Moisture Mold & Keeping a Dryer & Safer Building Interior)
  • EWR&R (Exterior Wall Rehabilitation & Restoration) Services sm (for a more Aesthetically Appealing Façade Exterior)
  • MCSR&R (Masonry, Concrete & Stone Rehabilitation & Restoration) Services sm (for Minimizing Water Seepage & Maintaining Structural Integrity and Appealing Façade Exterior)
  • FUS (Cablevision Stabilization Project Underpinning & Stabilization) Services sm (for a Maintaining a Sound & Safer Building and Peace of Mind)
  • Cool Building Technology sm ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) Services (CAI’s ERV improves Air Quality, Meet Ventilation Codes for Air Exchange, Controls Excess Moisture, and Saves Energy Costs)
  • Cool Roof Technology sm Hot Roofs… Cool Solutions (To Lower Roof Surface Temperatures, Minimize Heat Gain through Insulation and Heat Load on Cooling System and Energy Costs)
  • Cool Wall Technology sm Hot Walls… Cool Solutions (To Lower Exterior Wall Surface Temperatures, Minimizing Heat gain in Interior spaces requiring Less Cooling and Energy Costs)

CAI offers its clients complete design & value-engineering services. Client is not required to go out and hire a separate architect or engineer. There’s one responsible party for the entire project for client to deal with.

We are available for emergency and urgent projects. CAI can quickly mobilize a project if required by the client on short notice.

You can read the comments of some of our many satisfied clients below. A longer list of our clients is included in the CAI Profile available below.

Nicholas Cappuccio originally founded the organization in 1954 (1922-1991). After considerable success in the residential construction field, the company expanded into the commercial and industrial construction (i.e.: restaurants, office buildings, banks, chemical and manufacturing plants, and industrial building).

In 1978, our success continued with the expansion into the specialized market of exterior building cleaning and restoration. Under the Sermac and SMS trademarks, the company developed several system technologies in cleaning and building restoration. CAI (Contract Applicators, Inc.) was registered in 1992 in order to expand upon its success and services in building restoration, construction, and facility maintenance. At this time CAI developed three divisions to more adequately service the expanding needs of building owners, facilities managers, and industrial plants.

CAI has been established to help the multi-location manager attain financial and management goals for maintaining property for over five years. Clients can feel confident that CAI has the thorough knowledge and depth of experience, which is vital to today's property manager. Ever-expanding governmental regulations and the need to maximize the value of all expenditures and resources necessitate reliable services. We provide that for you.

The goal of CAI Restoration Services, a Division of Contract Applicators, Inc,. is to provide superior services and products for the restoration, reconstruction and specialized construction of office and residential buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and industrial plants.

Our focus is on the challenging reconstruction and restoration problems that are too difficult for facilities personnel and the average construction company. We will assist building owners and plant managers with maintaining facility safety, environmental cleanliness, profitability, and government regulation compliance.

In order to achieve these goals, we will develop advanced processes and technologies for the restoration and specialized construction of buildings and facilities. We will utilize and leverage these technologies with our three generations of construction and restoration experience to the benefit of our clients. We will do all of this economically and without the additional overhead traditionally associated with this type of specialized construction work.

We offer simple solutions to complex building problems. We have representatives available to consult with you for your next project.

Contract Applicators, Inc. also known as CAI wholly owns the trademarks for CAI Restoration Services™ and CAI Facility Services™. In addition, CAI is the inactive holder of the following trademarks: MAC concreteSM, SorbMasterSM, Supra Clean™, WAV Action cleaningSM and StudcreteSM, Cool Building TechnologySM, Cool Roof TechnologySM, Cool Wall TechnologySM, Heat Recovery TechnologySM.

Our Clients

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Professional Development

Associations & Memberships (Past & Present)

CAI’s principal members are active professionals in the following organizations:

Certifications & Specialized Training


  • The Port Authority of NY & NJ
  • Powercrete products theory and Certified Application Training, a division of Sto Corp. Plant, Vermont


  • Permit-Required Confined Space Entry & Health Safety training TRE'BOR International, Inc., Elizabeth, New Jersey
  • 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operations Worker training TRE'BOR International, Inc., Elizabeth, New Jersey
  • 3M Certified Respirator Training for fitting, use and testing 3M Corp., Elizabeth, New Jersey


  • Sealoflex Waterproofing Systems product knowledge and Certified Applicator, Sealoflex Plant, Charlestown, South Carolina


  • Sto Concrete Restoration Materials Application Certification and handling Sto Corp. Headquarters & Plant, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Vexcon StarSeal® Certification of PS application for concrete floors and slabs. Vexcon Chemicals, Inc. plant, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  • Cathedral Stone Products, Inc. Authorized Installer for application and finishing techniques JAHN Restoration Mortars., Jessup, Maryland


  • Chemrex Inc. ThoRoc products installation training seminars, ongoing Approved Applicator training for various concrete repair products since


  • ACI American Concrete Institute Certification for Concrete Finishing and Estimating


  • Omega Corp. Products International, Certified Applicator of Diamond Wall One Coat Stucco System


  • Magnum Piering Certified Dealer/Installer of Magnum deep Cablevision Stabilization Projects ie: Helical Piers, Push Piers, West Chester, OH


  • DFI (Deep Institute) Helical and tiebacks 16 hour Accredited Seminar Training Newark, NJ


  • Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.
    CAI certified is an Authorized Dealer / Contractor for purchase & installation of Duro-Last Materials and Products for Pre-engineered Roof Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Buildings


  • Magnum Piering
    CAI completed the Master Installer Program of Magnum deep Training Program: Helical Piers, Push piers, Axil Compression, Load Testing, Interpretation of Soil Reports, Pile Sizing, Basic Building Load Analysis, Building Codes, Quality Assurance, Torque Motor use, and Project Management.
    West Chester, OH.


  • Magnum Piering CAI completed the Master Installer Program of Magnum deep Training Program: Helical Piers, Push Piers, Pump Jack Piers, Dynamic Load Testing, Soil Testing Rig Soil Boring Reports, Interpretation of Soil Reports, Magnum New Design Software: Layout, Bearing & Pullout & Buckling Spread sheets, Building Codes, Quality Assurance, and Project Management.
    West Chester, OH.

How can CAI assist you with your building needs today?

For your next project! Call CAI today! (800) 622-1314